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Since 2001 we specialize in keeping our customer's air ducts clean at residential homes and commercial buildings. We are licensed and insured and take pride in the service we provide to our valued customers. Therefore we will guarantee 100% satisfaction. To get the job done we use nothing but the best equipment there is:  The "ROTOBRUSH BEAST".

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Commercial Buildings





Commercial Buildings

Air Duct Team has been cleaning commercial buildings since 2001. We have many satisfed customers such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, EPA, and others.

Please contact us and we will give you a quote based on an on-site inspection or your building plans.


We take pride in using only the best equipment there is in air duct cleaning technology. This ensures optimal results while making sure your air ducts are treated with care and not damaged during the cleaning process. Rotobrush air duct cleaning equipment is designed and built to safely clean flexible duct work effectively. It is also safe and effective for duct board and metal duct work. Built with maximum power, maneuverability, and ease of use in mind. No other air duct cleaning machine even compares.


Residential Homes

Air Duct Cleaning

We recommend that you have the air ducts of your HVAC system cleaned at least every 4 - 5 years. If you have allergies, pets, or live in a dusty area you should clean your ducts more often.

Video Inspection

If you are not sure when your air ducts were last cleaned or you have moved into a home and don't know if the ducts have ever been cleaned or when, then we will be able to help you. It is important to keep the air ducts clean, but also you shouldn't be wasting your money to clean already clean ducts.

We will come out to your home and perform a video inspection of your air ducts, which will take about a half hour time. Together we will review the inspection results with you and give you our recommendation. In addition you will be able to view the video on the internet for 30 days (email address required). There is no obligation on your side and we will never pressure you. 


In addition to cleaning your air ducts, we recommend to disinfect your system. For this operation, which we call 'fogging', we use a product named 'EnviroCon' which is FDA approved and safe for children and pets. We spray it into the air return while your system is running and the chemical is transported through your complete system. It will kill off mold, mildew, bacteria, dust mites etc. and becomes inert after about 15 minutes. In addition it also is a Deodorizer. For your safety, we require thta during and after the fogging operation all humans and pets need to stay out of the house for 30 minutes.

For more information please refer to our FAQ page.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Over time lint and other matter starts to collect in your laundry dryer vent. This can cause a fire hazard and also prevents your equipment from working optimally by restricting the flow of the exhaust air from your dryer. Your dryer will have to work harder and longer, increasing energy cost and wear and tear on your machine. It's therefore a good idea to have your dryer vent serviced at the same time you perform the air duct cleaning.

Ozone Treatment

Mold, bad Odors

O3 Ozone shock treatment is very effective in killing mold, mold spores, mildew, bacteria in your house. It will penetrate your carpets, curtains, furniture, and walls. In addition it removes mold smells, musty and other bad smells.


We also use it to get rid of the smoke smell in a house if the occupants have been smokers. You will still need to clean the carpets, repaint, and clean, but the Ozone will penetrate into all the nooks and crannies that are difficult or impossible to get to. Also, smoke will cause deposits in your attic that may be re-cirultated by your HVAC system, in these cases Ozone Treatment is very effective as it can be almost impossible and very expensive to clean an attic from smoke deposits.

Be Aware

Keep in mind that it takes about 2 days to treat a house with Ozone. During this time no humans or pets can be in the house. This is your chance to take that weekend in the  Smokies that you have always been postponing!

For more information about Ozone Treatment visit our FAQ page.

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We provide cleaning services for residential and commercial buildings since 2001. In additon, we specialize in mold remediation and crawl space improvements. 



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